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Sydney DeckingQuality timber decking adds value to your home and provides a comfortable place for relaxing outside with your family and friends. At Sydney Timber Supplies we have a variety of the perfect decking timbers available to ensure your decking lasts longer, looks great and the timber is easy to work with. Our timber expertise, advice and friendly service has helped establish Sydney Timber Supplies as the best place to get your timber decking in Sydney for 50 years.

1. Expert Decking Advice

LifestyleOur extremely knowledgeable team has over 100 years of shared timber experience between them. We can advise on the different characteristics of each wood to ensure you get the right type to suit the decking you want to create and can help with your project by answering any questions, such as the right quantity of wood for your project and offering helpful expert advice.

2. The Perfect Wood for Decking

Our lumber is pressure-tested and dried thoroughly to ensure it will be perfect for your wood decking and ready for immediate use.


3. Northern Box Decking

Northern Box is ideal for decking due to its low maintenance, high durability and natural beauty.

It is available in a range of sizes and is one of the only hardwoods available which is a ‘non bleed’ meaning preparation and maintenance is minimal.


It is very similar to Merbau in performance and color and is priced very competitively.

Please contact our staff if you have any further questions.

We stock Northern Box in the following sizes:

  • 68x19mm
  • 140x22mm

4. Silvertop Ash Decking

AutoSilvertop Ash Decking is now a great Australian Decking option which provides all the natural durability and beauty of a local Australian species at the price of an imported species.

Silvertop Ash is a light colored Australian species which is very similar to Blackbutt in color and grain – it is slightly harder and offers a much better length specification. It is a high durability and comes with a Bushfire Attack Level 29 rating.


We now have 90x22mm and 140x22mm decking in stock. Please contact our staff if you require anymore information.

5. Spotted Gum Decking

Spotted Gum is a durable Australian hardwood. It has a beautiful brown colour with intricate grains which will really add a touch of class to your decking.

We stock spotted gum decking in the following sizes:

  • 86x19mm
  • 136x19mm

(100x25 spotted gum decking. covers 86 mm so allow 12 linear metres per square metre to cover your deck)

6. A Great Selection of Timber

We've got the right decking wood for your needs including Batu, Merbau, Treated Pine and Spotted Gum and feel free to ask us about any other species of timber you may be interested in or other sizes you may require.

7. Fast Timber Delivery

We can deliver your timber Sydney-wide, or you can arrange collection from our depot.

For all your decking timber needs with expert advice and service, call and speak with Sydney’s timber experts at Sydney Timber Supplies today.

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